Anglers win fight for netting restrictions to stay

New rules for Scalefish came into place in Tasmania on 1 November 2004. Part of the rules was Rule 73, which removed night netting for recreational fishers.
Despite the fact that is was well accepted and it reduced long soak times, a practice that is seen as unsustainable, Legislative Councillor, Paul Harriss moved a motion to disallow that rule.
Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News lobbied hard for the rule to stay, as did many others.
On June 21 2005 TARFISH Chairman, Beres Taylor briefed the Legislative Council. Below is a shortened version. It is still long, but worth reading. It has taken many years to reach this position which will improve the fishery for the long term. 

Recent Trout Stocking 

Date   Species   Number   Age   Weight (g)   Origin   Stock   Type   Water

11/06/2009 brown trout 100 Adult 1100 Wild Diploid Penstock Lagoon

11/06/2009 brown trout 600 Adult 1100 Wild Diploid Brushy Lagoon

The Willow

The willow (Salix taxa) has recently been declared a weed of national significance (WONS) by the National Weed Strategy Executive Committee (DPIWE, 02). The pretense for this classification was that willows pose ten possible threats; 

How Effective is the Inland Fisheries Service?

Greg French

For some time now a number of people involved with our recreational fisheries have been asking me my opinion of the IFS. I get the feeling that many of these people are after moral support in their opposition to current management methods and strategies.

Carp reduction program continues

Paul Donkers (Technical Officer-Carp Management IFS) outlines the latest progress.
European carp were introduced to mainland Australia in 1872. Their adaptability and fecundity have ensured their present position as the predominant fish species in the Murray-Darling basin and many other waterways on the mainland.

Inland Fisheries interviews with anglers

Inland Fisheries inspectors interviewed 3000 anglers last year. Of these 30% of anglers were bait fishing, 23% trolling, 22% spinning and 25% fly fishing, noting that some anglers use more than one method of fishing. A total of 2,028 fish were caught by these anglers; 1,714 (85%) were brown trout, 249 (12%) rainbow trout, 45 (2%) Atlantic salmon and 20 (1%) brook trout. More details will be found in the IFS Annual Report, which is out soon.

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