Parking area extension
Talbots Lagoon 

An extension to the parking area has been completed at Talbots Lagoon. Increasing popularity at Talbots over the past few seasons had seen the limited parking facilities become quite crowded on busy days.

In partnership with Forico, IFS engaged Civilscape Contracting to complete the car park extension. This involved removing a small amount of plantation trees, flattening the area and laying down road base gravel to finish the job.

In addition to this the Bosses Hole carpark has been re-gravelled, with the walking track to the lagoon improved including a properly gravelled kayak launching area. Drainage at both carparks has been improved and pot holes in the road around the main carparks have been fixed.

Anglers at the lagoon this week gave the improvements the thumbs up, with good quality fish being caught using all angling methods. Mayfly activity is just starting to fire up, and one angler was delighted to have caught 5 fish in an afternoon on mudeyes.

IFS would like to thank Forico for their ongoing support of Tasmanian trout anglers, and Civilscape for their thoroughly professional work.

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Fishing platform
Risdon Brook Dam

Anglers with disabilities and mobility issues often have difficulty finding fishing spots. The IFS recommends a number of locations that may be suitable depending on your specific restrictions and available assistance. There are purpose built platforms at Risdon Brook Dam that are specifically designed and reserved for anglers with a disability. Other options in the south are on the River Derwent at the New Norfolk esplanade and Windsor Corner on the Lyell Highway. In the north a platform at Four Springs Lake is a great location particularly early in the season when lake levels are high. In the north west a level path provides access to the grassy shores of South Riana Lake and good access to the waters edge is available at the north western end of the Pet Reservoir.

All of these waters have plenty of trout so get out there!

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 New stairs
and pathway

Works have been completed at the Penstock Lagoon Day Use Area. The works consist of the construction of a 1 meter wide gravel pathway along the levee with ramp and stair access to the carparks on either side of the penstocks. The pathway extends from the Day Use Area at the spillway to the Angler Access Sign on the southern side of the icebreaker.

The Inland Fisheries Service contributed to this Hydro Tasmania initiative which has improved foot access for anglers and visitors to this popular area. The work was completed by Tasmanian company, Mtn. Trails Pty Ltd.

Siurce -

The Parks and Wildlife Service advise the boom gate on Lake Augusta Road has been re-opened for public access as of today (25 September 2023), along with the boom gate to Double Lagoon.

Vehicle access to ​​​​​Pillans Lake and Talinah Lagoon will remain closed with a view to reopen on 1 November 2023 (approximately) subject to road inspections determining conditions are suitable for vehicular traffic.

For any further information please contact the Great Western Tiers Field Centre on 67012104.

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Brown trout fish transporterA number of waters around the state are still open. Refer to the Tasmanian Inland Fishing Code 2022-23 or go to the Infish app 2.0 to see where you can fish through winter.

The wild brown trout spawning run is underway and you will be able to see them at Trout Weekend on 20-21 May at the Liawenee Field Station.


lake cres trout
Rex Cambell
with a
Lake Crescent
brown trout

The big fish keep coming at Lake Crescent with good catches of trophy sized brown trout. Clearly, this is the best season that the lake has had since European carp were eradicated in 2009.

Better catch rates this season are in part due to better water quality in the lake. The Inland Fisheries Service has been tracking water quality (turbidity) in both lakes Crescent and Sorell since 2006 and the latest sampling results show the lowest turbidity readings in both lakes for the last 25 years. The latest testing revealed clarity down to a depth of 60 - 65 centimetres.

With high lake levels it is expected that this trend will continue. This all bodes well for the remainder of the current trout season, the 2023/24 season and beyond. Anglers are reminded that the bag limit for Lake Crescent is 2 fish combined with only 1 fish over 500mm. For more information go to the Lake Crescent Fact Sheet.


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Rebuilding sand flathead stocks

flathead title

Sand flathead are Tasmania's favourite recreational fish, but stocks are in trouble. Action is urgently needed to improve the future of the fishery.

NRE Tas Fisheries is working with fishers, researchers and the community to address this decline in stock levels, identified in a new report from the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS).

flathead on sand

Around 1.6 million sand flathead are caught by recreational fishers per year in Tasmania. In fact, 70 per cent of all recreational fish taken are sand flathead, placing a huge amount of pressure on one species.

 Darryl Saunders tagged trout
Darryl Saunders
with his $2000
tagged trout.

On Monday 29 August, Scottsdale resident, Darryl Saunders' wife told him to go fishing. Darryl didn't need to be told twice, despite the threat of rain, it was a perfect fishing day in NE Tasmania.

Darryl drove to Derby and wheeled his Hobie kayak, on a home made trolly using wheel chair wheels, along the gravel track into Briseis Mine Hole. Darryl has been haunting this popular fishing spot for the last twelve months trying to catch a winning tagged fish released as part of the Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion.

Launching at 8am Darryl quickly caught and released 4 rainbow trout and lost a couple more on an old green and gold Ashley lure from the bottom of his tackle box. Around 9am he hooked another fish. He saw that it was a brown trout with a tag below the dorsal fin. He lifted the fish from the water in the landing net and realised that he had caught a winning trout.

Darryl rang his wife to give her the good news.

He will use the prize money to buy a cover for his kayak, some will go to his wife (smart thinking) and any remaining will be used on vehicle fuel for future adventures. Darryl's wife is sure to send him fishing more often!

There are still lots of fish to be caught in the Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion.



carp utas 
Carp Management Program
Leader Jonah Yick gives
a presentation on the history
and current status of carp
in Tasmania to
Utas Field Ecology students. 

In mid-February, 30 University of Tasmania (UTAS) students enrolled in the unit “Tasmanian Field Ecology”, visited Lake Sorell and Crescent to undertake vegetation and invertebrate surveys around the wetlands. The Interlaken Lakeside Reserve is internationally recognized under the Ramsar Convention on wetlands, and supports a range of threatened and protected flora and fauna. To commence the field trip, the students listened to a presentation given by the Carp Management Program Team Leader Jonah Yick, on the history of carp eradication in Lake Crescent, as well as an update on the ongoing carp eradication efforts in Lake Sorell. Jonah also gave the students a demonstration on the key techniques used to catch carp in the lakes, which included backpack electrofishers, gill nets, fyke nets, and radio telemetry equipment. This unit was coordinated by Associate Professor Leon Barmuta and Dr. Robert Wiltshire, who both taught Jonah over 17 years ago!


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