Rock lobster biotoxin update


Majority of East Coast Stock Rebuilding Zone to open as scheduled. Storm Bay/Bruny Zone returns high PST results - there may be a delay in opening.

As part of the Rock Lobster Biotoxin Monitoring program, rock lobster samples have been collected by IMAS and an independent contractor from the Central East, Maria Island, Lower East and Storm Bay/Bruny Biotoxin Zones.

The Inland Fisheries Service has recently completed grading and potholing of Fisheries Lane, Brumbys Creek and Woods Lake Road.

We would like to thanks Hydro Tasmania for their contribution and support towards maintaining Woods Lake Road.

Please drive to the conditions, limit your speed to 40 KMH to help maintain the roads in good condition and use hi range 4wd when towing boats up the hill from the Woods Lake boat ramp.



ifs woods lake road

Woods Lake Road has been graded

ifs murchison damMurchison Dam was constructed between 1978 and 1982 and forms Lake Murchison, which is a diversion storage that discharges water into Lake Mackintosh via the underground Sophia tunnel.

Hydro Tasmania is increasing the size of the spillway on Murchison Dam in response to long-term predictions from the Bureau of Meteorology.

According to the Bureau, previously rare, very large rainfall events are occurring more frequently. The steep-sided nature of the Murchison Dam can result in rapid water-level rise during periods of intense rainfall. A larger spillway will allow the dam to safely weather the largest, most severe rainstorm event.

ifs lakes closedA reminder that the World Fly Fishing Championship is starting soon in Tasmania.

Teams from 23 countries will compete at the three lake and two river venues.

The Government is supporting the event, to ensure it is one to remember. This support includes proposed temporary regulation changes for the competition waters that aim to keep any disruption to a minimum.

The following regulation changes have been put in place to support the event:

The lake venues of Little Pine Lagoon, Penstock Lagoon and Woods Lake, will be closed to recreational fishing for the duration of the event from midnight on Sunday 1 December to midnight on Friday 6 December 2019 inclusive.
The competition sections of the river venues will be closed to recreational fishing, from midnight on Sunday 24 November to midnight on Friday 6 December 2019 inclusive.

ifs patrolThe Northern Recreation Day Long Weekend has come and gone. Our Officers were out on patrol and witnessed some fantastic catches from many of our inland waters.

On the angling front, Lake Rowallan provided some nice catches, particularly around the southern end of the lake. Hard body lures and green and gold cobras appeared to be providing the best results. Good fish were also taken by bait fishermen using worms throughout the day.

Woods lake fished very well also, with all methods of angling successful. Fly anglers would be excited to know that there were quite a few duns on the water on Saturday in the south western corner of the lake. Lure anglers did well right around the lake, with gold and black cobras accounting for many fish. Lure fishing appeared to be best before 10am and after 4pm, with quiet patches throughout the middle of the day.

ifs annual report 2019Check out the activities of the IFS for the 2018-19 financial year in our Annual Report.

View the report from this link:

Front cover artwork by Trevor Hawkins


ifs logo#troutfishtasmania
The Inland Fisheries Service now has an Instagram profile, which will provide up to date information on the trout fishery in Tasmania. Follow us to see what our staff do and see while they are out and about. You will find us at @troutfishtasmania or


whitebaitPeter Mervyn MUNDAY of Mella appeared in Smithton Magistrates Court on Wednesday 30 October 2019. He was sentenced on 28 charges relating to the illegal taking of whitebait from the Duck River during September 2018.

Mr MUNDAY was fined a total of $23,798. This is the largest individual fine ever imposed under Inland Fisheries Legislation.

Mr MUNDAY was caught fishing for whitebait illegally at the Duck River on six occasions during September 2018. At this time the Duck River was closed to the taking of whitebait. This penalty should serve as a warning to anyone choosing to disregard the strict regulations around the taking of whitebait.

ifs willow warriorsWillow Warriors - Derwent Catchment Project has two upcoming events focused on river access and health – a Willow Warriors working bee on the Tyenna and a Waterbug Blitz on the Lachlan River.

The Tyenna Willow Warriors are working with the Derwent Catchment Project and the Inland Fisheries Service Anglers Access Program to remove willows from the Tyenna River and revegetate with native plants. This work is supported by the Fisheries Habitat Improvement Fund. At the next Willow Warriors working bee we will be doing follow up willow control and checking previously revegetated areas at the Westerway Raspberry Farm. We will also have a chance to learn more about water bugs, with a short identification session with Trish Clements and John Gooderham.

Trish and John will follow this with a full Waterbug Blitz on the Lachlan River a few weeks later, where participants can learn how to sample and identify water bugs. Waterbugs are small invertebrates that live in freshwater. These can include the water-based stages of many insects like dragonflies, damselflies, mayflies and caddisflies. Each type of waterbug has a certain sensitivity to pollution or water quality changes in their waterway. So the type and number of bugs found in a waterway can tell you how healthy it is. Understanding which water bugs are present in a river can also help you choose the best fly to catch fish.

Friday, 1 November

North Coast squid closure area re-opens.


Friday, 1 November

Striped trumpeter re-opens for recreational and commercial fishing


Saturday, 2 November

Waters outside the East Coast Stock Rebuilding Zone open for recreational rock lobster fishing.


Friday, 15 November

East Coast squid closure area including Great Oyster Bay and Mercury Passage re-opens.


Saturday, 7 December

The East Coast Stock Rebuilding Zone opens for recreational rock lobster fishing.

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