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On Thursday, 2 September, Brushy Lagoon received 200 Atlantic salmon and 110 rainbow trout, and Craigbourne Dam received 330 Atlantic salmon, in the first of this season's Spring stockings. Four waters in the North East (Blackmans, Big and Little Waterhouse, and Pioneer Dam) were also stocked.
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More stockings are planned for next week. Stay tuned.

Also, a tip-off about waters in the southwestern area of the highlands, such as Lake Echo, Lake King William and Laughing Jack Lagoon. Keep your eye on them over the coming weeks because the water levels have risen and are close to an ideal height for tailing trout in the shallows. The levels probably need to come up a little more at Lake King William but they are not far off at Laughing Jack and even better at Lake Echo. The word is that there should be some excellent sight fishing at these waters during Spring!  
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Sarah Graham

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