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Due to timber harvesting operations planned from August 2021 to January 2022 on the eastern side of the Talbots Lagoon Dam anglers access will be restricted in this area. Please observe all warning signs on the access roads and tracks.

Access to the western and southern shores, public car parks and access points will not be affected.


 stclair sign
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The IFS has completed a new suite of information to assist anglers to access St Clair Lagoon. New signage at the Pumphouse Point car park, additional track makers along the Fishermans Trail and a new fact sheet have been completed.

Whilst anglers are welcome to fish St. Clair Lagoon and Derwent Basin via the Fishermans Trail please note that the Pumphouse Point road, buildings and flume are reserved for guests of Pumphouse Point only. Please respect the privacy of Pumphouse Point guests.

St Clair Lagoon is renowned for tailing fish during high water levels, rising fish during spring and summer and polaroiding on bright days.

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releaseThe new angling season starts on Sunday 1 August 2021 with most brown trout waters opening on Saturday 7 August. With the good winter rain, water levels will be high and there is likely to be exciting fishing right from the start. The trout will be in close feasting on food along the flooded edges.

Over winter we have been busy transferring wild adult brown trout from the Central Highlands and frisky young rainbow trout sourced from the Huon Aquaculture Millybrook fish farm ready for the new season. To find out more about where the fish have been released go to

Go trout fishing to win*
50 fish = $100,000*
Fifty tagged brown trout have been released into waters around Tasmania for the 2021-22 season. Each tag is worth $2,000* to the angler that returns the fish to the Inland Fisheries Service (*conditions apply). The tags are orange and have unique identifying details.

The Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion will follow the open season for each water in line with the 2021–22 Angling Season.

The waters and number of tagged trout released are:

Designated water Number of
tagged trout
Promotion starts Promotion finishes
Arthurs Lake (central) 5 Sat 7 Aug 2021 Sun 1 May 2022
Briseis Mine Hole (north-east) 2 Sat 7 Aug 2021 Sun 1 May 2022
Bronte Lagoon (central) 2 Sat 7 Aug 2021 Sun 1 May 2022
Craigbourne Dam (South) 2 Sun 1 Aug 2021 Sun 31 July 2022
Curries River Reservoir (north east) 2 Sat 7 Aug 2021 Sun 1 May 2022
Huntsman Lake (north) 2 Sun 1 Aug 2021 Sun 31 July 2022
Lake Burbury (west) 5 Sun 1 Aug 2021 Sun 31 July 2022
Lake Leake (east) 3 Sat 7 Aug 2021 Sun 1 May 2022
Lake Mackintosh (west) 5 Sat 7 Aug 2021 Sun 29 May 2022
Lake Parangana (north-west) 2 Sat 7 Aug 2021 Sun 1 May 2022
Lake Pedder (south) 5 Sat 7 Aug 2021 Sun 1 May 2022
Lake Rosebery (west) 5 Sat 7 Aug 2021 Sun 29 May 2022
Lake Rowallan (north-west) 2 Sat 2 October Sun 29 May 2022
River Derwent (south) 3 Above the New Norfolk Bridge
Sat 7 Aug 2021 Sun 1 May 2022
Below the New Norfolk Bridge
Sun 1 Aug 2021 Sun 31 July 2022
yingina / Great Lake (central) 5 Sun 1 Aug 2021 Sun 31 July 2022

In these uncertain times Tasmania is the place to be. What better time to explore the wide range of exceptional trout fishing we have in our wonderful state?


A tagged wild adult
brown trout being
released into the
River Derwent

We recently tagged 400 wild adult brown trout and released them into the River Derwent above Bridgewater. Each trout has a single green tag with a four-digit number. We are going to use these fish to investigate the movements and growth of brown trout in the River Derwent. They will also tell us how easy the trout are to catch.

For the next two years, if you catch one of these fish with a green tag, please tell us. Let us know the tag number, where you caught the fish, it’s length and weight.

Report tagged fish by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 1300 IN FISH (130 463 474)

There is no need to release these fish, we just want to know if you catch one.

We are also keen to know how many other untagged trout are caught. If you fish the River Derwent for trout, please contact us and we will send you an IFS Tasmanian Inland Recreational Anglers Logbook. You can record your can record your catch.

Now, do not confuse these tagged fish with the Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion fish, which have orange tags. The fish with orange tags are worth $2000 each to the lucky angler who catches them. There are three fish with orange tags in the River Derwent.


This year we are doubling the amount of prize money to be won in the Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion.

Fifty tagged brown trout will be released into waters around Tasmania for the 2021-22 Angling Season. Each tag is worth $2,000* to the angler that returns the fish to the Inland Fisheries Service (*conditions apply).

The waters and number of tagged trout released are:

Designated water

Number of tagged trout released

Arthurs Lake


Briseis Mine Hole


Bronte Lagoon


Craigbourne Dam


Curries River Reservoir


Huntsman Lake


Lake Burbury


Lake Leake


Lake Mackintosh


Lake Parangana


Lake Pedder


Lake Rosebery


Lake Rowallan


River Derwent


yingina / Great Lake


The tags are orange and have unique identifying details.

For more information and full Terms and Conditions go to



 huntsmans brown trout
 A pair of brown
trout from
Huntsman Lake

Anglers are enjoying some good fishing at Huntsman Lake. After recent rain the lake is rising over new ground and the brown trout have been foraging close to shore feeding on worms and drowned terrestrials.
One angler checked by Fisheries Officers this week had landed two nice brown trout fishing worms under a bubble float.
The close proximity of Huntsman Lake to Launceston and Devonport, the picturesque setting and excellent day use facilities including electric BBQ's, toilets and picnic tables make this an ideal destination for family fishing during the school holidays.
Huntsman Lake is open all year round to bait, lure and fly fishing.


2021-22 Angling Licence
artwork by Trevor Hawkins

New and renewal licences for the 2021-22 angling season are now available. Brown trout waters open on Saturday 7 August.

Be prepared, renew your licence now!

Go online at, visit any Service Tasmania Shop, or drop into your local tackle store.

See you on the water.


talbots lagoon 
Kayak access widening
at Talbots lagoon

Due to the increasing popularity of kayaks and canoes at Talbots Lagoon, improvements have been made to cater for this method of fishing. In response to feedback from anglers the access point at the main parking area has been widened to cater for trolleys and kayaks up to 1300mm wide. The launching area has been improved by removal of soft sediments and placement of gravel.


 guy barnett
Guy Barnett
Minister responsible for
inland fisheries with a
wild brown trout at Liawenee 

Minister responsible for Inland Fisheries Guy Barnett visited Liawenee to view the brown trout spawning run which is well underway across the Central Highlands.

There have been 11 483 trout trapped, counted and released through to spawn at Arthurs Lake. Fish up to 1.37kg have been measured at these traps.

On the River Derwent at Lake King William 5273 have been trapped. Most of these fish have been transferred to the Brady's Chain of lakes. Fish up to 990 grams have been measured at this trap.

At yingina / Great Lake 11 127 fish have been trapped. Fish up to 1.55kg have been measured. Fish have been transferred to small number of popular Assisted Fisheries with little or no natural recruitment as set out in the Tasmanian Inland Recreational Fishery Management Plan 2018-28. These include waters in the Nineteen Lagoons, Lake Leake, Curries River Reservoir, Four Springs Lake, Craigbourne Dam, Brushy Lagoon, Pet Reservoir, Blackmans Lagoon, Big Waterhouse Lake, Penstock Lagoon and few other waters. To keep up with latest fish transfers go to the stocking database.

More fish will be trapped and transferred in the coming weeks ready for the start of the trout season that commences on Saturday 7 August. From 1 July angling licences will be available from the IFS web site, Service Tasmania shops and tackle stores.


Wild brown trout from
Liawenee about to be
sent to the Pet Reservoir 

Yesterday 980 wild brown trout, averaging 850 grams, were transported from Liawenee to the Pet Reservoir. These fish will have time to settle and be ready for the new trout fishing season that starts on Saturday 7 August. This will provide a boost to anglers that enjoy this popular fishery on the North West Coast.

Angling licences for the new season will be available from 1 July from the IFS Website



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