curries rive 2021
A wild brown
trout from
Curries River

Located close to Georgetown on the Bridport Road, Curries River Reservoir is one of Tasmania’s many under-fished trout waters. The lake has received over 2 300 adult rainbow and 2 900 adult brown trout in the last two years. Recent rains have increased water levels, giving brown trout large bays in which to forage. This lake and the way in which the fish in it feed, provide opportunities for all methods of fishing.

Early season is a terrific time to fish on Curries River Reservoir. The weather is almost always warmer here than at most other fishing spots and fish feed heavily early in the fishing season.

A causeway that separates the smaller eastern side of the lake from the larger, western side, is a popular place for bait anglers. The water is deep close to the edge. Powerbait is often used to catch rainbows in this area of the lake but worms are more effective if you are wanting to catch the larger brown trout.

The most sort after food source for trout in Curries River Reservoir is galaxias. These small fish are prolific and enable fast growth for trout and provides exciting fishing. Anglers should keep an eye out for trout that is chasing these fish. Schools of galaxias are commonly seen rippling the surface before being preyed upon by large fish. This happens all over the lake and is common on calm days. Persistence and accurate casting pays off in these conditions.

Spin and fly fishermen should concentrate on using small to medium sized bait fish patterns.

The southern shoreline (accessed off Bridport Road) has a prolific weed bed that runs along the bank. This is easily accessed from the shore with bait, lures or flies and produces fish for most of the season.

The area around the boat ramp is surprisingly productive considering how easy it is to access. Spits, weed beds, reeds and drop offs are all features of this part of the lake.

The western side of the causeway has received a high percentage of stockings made by the IFS in recent years. It is generally shallower than the eastern side and provides many great opportunities for shore-based anglers.

Fishing from a small boat on either side of the causeway is a great option but remember that petrol engines are not allowed to be used. After heavy rains, boats can also be hard to retrieve as the clay base becomes slippery and even 4WD vehicles can have trouble.

Two tagged fish worth $2 000 each have been released which should increase the lakes popularity this season. Those who know the lake well do not need this incentive to spend as much time as possible at Curries River Reservoir.

An Anglers Access fact sheet is also available for this water.


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