NE Breamin" 28/10/2012

We had a magnificent weekend away up the coast with the family and Johnny this weekend just gone. My wife somehow had another weekend off work (which never seems to happen) so I decided to take them away to our block up the bay. We hit the road around mid-morning Saturday and slowly made our way to the magnificent NE Coast. We was in no hurry to arrive, as the plan was to do a spot of Breaming in the afternoon and basically just relax and enjoy the weekend.

After a stop at the Gladstone General Store for refreshments and the kids usual ice cream it wasn't long and we arrived at the bay, unpacked, rigged a rod or seven and headed for the ramp. I decided to head straight up river as this time of the year the Bream are usually high in the East Coast systems preparing and waiting for all the planets to align to get their business over and done with. I worked my first piece of water, but it was soon evident that there were no Bream in close and they were all going to be holding deeper in the river. I headed up river further to a couple of deeper holes that usually hold the odd good fish no matter what time of the year it is.

Within the first handful of cast I managed a nice fish to a Vibe and Johnny the same on a sinking stick bait. Things were looking promising, but after this the fishing became a little tough as can be expected when they are in the funny moods they get in at this time of the year. We continued on and over the next couple of hours and we eventually put a reasonable number of fish together. At times I sounded up schools holding in 6-7 metres of water that almost blacked-out my sounder, but they wouldn't bite. It sometimes gets frustrating when you can't get the to eat, but it didn't matter as we were pulling a fish here and there, plus if you were polling them in one after another it would get a bit boring to be honest, and I say this from previous experience!

We pulled the pin at somewhere around 20 Bream for the session, a few good ones amongst them and most the others were young males between 32-35cm. Once we loaded the boat it was back to the shack for a BBQ and kick back and enjoy the rest of the wonderful evening with the wife and kids.

Sunday morning after deciding we bagged enough fish to keep us happy I decided to head home via St Helens and spend the day there with the family. The weather was absolutely sensational once again, so we had lunch in the form of Fish n Chips on the edge of the bay and then thought we would head out to Blanche Point for a run on the beach. Me being the opportunist I am, rigged a rod just in case for the walk along the rock wall. Heading down to the wall, I polaroided a school of 6 very large Bream cruising the edge, but unfortunately due to me being up so high on the wall they soon got a good look at me and drifted into deeper water.

We arrived at the point and the kids got more that they bargained for on the beach as there was a lone Elephant Seal that had made it's way to shore to moult. The wife and kids had a ball sitting, watching and getting the odd photograph while I pulled Salmon, Mullet and Wrasse from the point on Soft Plastics. I was joined by a local who was struggling to pull a fish using his bluebait and was extremely appreciative when I threw him the odd "Cocky" every few minutes that he planned to take home and cook up for the family dinner.

All in all a super weekend away with friends and family.

Cheers, Daz

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