East Coast Bream

Feels like years since I have posted a bit of a report, so I thought I would share a couple of recent trips Johnny and I have had to the East Coast chasing a few Bream.
Our first trip was early last week where we decided to head down for a look around to see what the Bream were up to.

Most Bream seem to be well up the river systems at the minute beginning to spawn. We decided once we launched we would head well up river to see if they were congregating in one area or if they were still spread out through the system. Half way up the river we came across a stranded Calf in the middle of the river on a rock bar, long story short, we rescued it and got it back to dry land to reunite it with it's very distressed mother!
Once that was sorted we continued on and it soon became obvious that the Bream were still spread right throughout the system as every snag held fish... Catching a majority of these was a different story as they were not keen to play ball. We did however managed to pull a few Bream fishing the deeper drop-offs on our way up to the deep hole we originally wanted to check out. We fished this spot for a while and then worked our way back pulling another handful of fish. It was a little quiet, but managed to land a reasonable number of fish and saved a Calf! Highlight of the day was spotting a humongous freshwater Eel cruising around in the shallows. I went to turn around and say to Johnny that I might try and hook it, but he was head first hiding under the seat in the boat - Johnny doesn't like Eels much!
Second day, we decided to basically fish Vibes again, as we had a go at the fish holding on the snags and they still wouldn't bite as usual and I only had 2 inquiries on surface flies. Our second trip was a lot more productive with the Bream taking the Vibes really well in the deeper holds of the system and we also polaroided a few rolling on the rocky drop-offs and got them to eat vibes which was a bit of fun.
Throughout the day we enjoyed watching numbers of very large Chub Mullet leaping a few feet into the air, the odd trout cruise past and a few Bream crashing schools of Whitebait. I probably should have covered these Bream with a whitebait pattern, but I was enjoying fishing the vibes, so didn't bother. Over the two days the average size would have been somewhere around 36ttf as there were good numbers coming aboard between 34 and 37ttf and one that went a sniff over 39ttf. Towards the end of the session we lost what felt to be a few really solid Bream that decided they wanted to keep our Vibes and didn't want us to have them back!
All our Bream came to CRANKA Vibes in - Ghost Shrimp, Bling Prawn, Salmon Gutts, Lava Prawn and Glass AYU.
So a couple of reasonable days out, and it was great to get Johnny back out into a few Bream after a bit of a dry spell.  :D

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