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WrigglerWell, what a season it has been so far! It started with water everywhere with flooded rivers and lake margins pushing back into the tussocks. This made a wonderful feeding zone for fish.
The dry fly started early. I took around twenty six fish in the first eight days of the Nineteen Lagoons being opened and all except one was taken on the dry fly. What was the fly, you may ask? What else, but a Red Tag. I saw my first duns and black spinners in the Bronte system on the November 3rd and the fish were on them. There has been some lovely warm weather in Tasmania’s Central Highlands, so I suppose it stands to reason the fly life will get underway early. First fish seen taking gum beetles were on October 31st. I know it’s hard to believe, but that’s how it was.

Yours truly has always been a great collector of any new fly tying materials. Just to tie a new creation and catch fish always gives great satisfaction. The new material goes by the name Swisher’s Wiggly Hackle. The long and short of it is that it is very fine rubber lengths much the same as rubber bands twisted into a centre fine wire. This can be used in a number of methods. The one I favour is to wind two turns around the front of a Woolly Worm pattern, this will give all the wriggle, jiggle and life to a fly one would ever want. The fly shown is tied as mentioned or a full bodied palmer back could be done also. Personally, I have not done this but the bugger with the front hackle ahs already caught a number of fish. The material mentioned is in experimental stages for a new beaut nymph. Swisher’s Wiggly Hackle comes in all the popular colours. The colour used on the shown fly is brown/olive. Just choose a favourite Woolly Worm pattern and add the chosen wiggly material. Fish this no differently to any other wet fly. It may be in the shallows or with some weight for deep water.

The Worm Wriggler
Hook:  Heavy shanked hook size 10 – 8 – 6

Thread:  Black

Tail:  Green marabou

Rib:  Fine copper wire

Body:  Green and brown variegated chenille

Palmer hackle:  Red cock

Front hackle:  Two turns Swisher’s Wriggly Hackle

Tie fly in step by step as the materials are listed above. The Swisher’s Wriggle Hackle is available from Essential Flyfisher in Launceston.

This will be the last issue for 2009, so I hope Santa comes to you all and do have a great new year.
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