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Jan Spencer
It's that time of year when everybody's optimism is running very high. Most are contemplating what the new trout season will bring. One thing is for sure - it will be cold. The rivers will be brownish in colour as we have had some good recent rain which has made for some swollen streams, this is wonderful as the trout will be foraging for food washed into backwaters by the excess water and they will be in prime condition when the weather warms up.
The highland lakes are another story. Both Great Lake and Arthurs are rising with good flows of water from recent rain. As normal, this time of the year the surrounding shore lines will be icy if not iced all over. It takes a little while for the lakes to get rid of the winter blues, but the fishing can be good if you can put up with the cold. So if you are fishing in the highland areas, be prepared for extreme weather.

In my opinion the trout season opens a month too early. The brown trout often haven't revived after spawning and the rainbows are still doing so.
The popular lowland lakes such as Huntsman and Four Springs, just to name a couple, will be popular starting lakes. Huntsman is a lovely water and a valued water storage. It saddens somewhat that the superb inflowing creeks in that area will probably become void of trout over the next few years as it is well accepted that most fish will drop back into available lakes. These streams have given me such pleasure over the past thirty odd years.
As there will be some murky water around at the start of the season a fly which can be easily seen is the go, an exciter fly of some sort.
Some highly recommended flies are Yetis, Matukas, Woolly Worms, Montana Nymph and Fur Flies in different colours.
My personal choice will be a black fly with jungle cock eyes, this will be easily seen in murky water, even if the water is clear the jungle cock eyes seem to draw the trout attention. As mentioned in precious articles marabou is a favourite of mine as it gives lifelike movement to a fly.

Starter Fly
Hook:    Medium gauge size 8-6
Thread:    Black
Butt:        Red wool
Body:    Black wool
Wing:    Black marabou
Eyes:    Two jungle cock feathers

1. Take black thread the full length of shank and tie in red wool butt, make sure the butt is not too long as it's only there for a little colour.
2. Tie in black wool; take thread back along shank stopping back from the eye a little. Bring wool forward forming a nicely shaped body. Tie down with thread and cut away excess body.
3. With a nice bunch of marabou tie in a wing over the body. The wing should extend well over the butt area, tie down firmly and cut away excess marabou.
4. Take one jungle cock feather at a time and tie in one on each side just behind the head, cut away excess feather stem of the jungle cock. Form a nice little head, whip finish and cut thread away. Varnish with black head cement. This is a champion little fly.

When fishing this from the shore I use a floating line with a nine foot tapered leader with 6lb tip. If fishing from a boat an intermediate line would be used, vary the retrieve till you connect with the fish. If desired you could fish with two flies a smaller dropper fly of choice have this fly 4 foot up the leader. Remember you will need to have a longer leader for this method.

Jan Spencer

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