Top Tassie flies for February and March

Jan Spencer talks about her three favourite flies for the coming two months

Flash Nymph
A great general purpose nymph. The flash on the wing case can make all the difference on a difficult day.

Hook: Kamasan B830, size 10 - 14

Thread: Brown - Lureflash supergrip

Tail: Pheasant /0 tail feather

Rib: Fine copper wire

Body: Lureflash - hares ear dubbing

Wingcase: Strip of lureflash, medium flat tinsel

Thorax: Same as body

1. Run thread the length of the body

2. Tie in half a dozen fibres of pheasant tail

3. Tie in fine copper wire

4. Spin dubbing on and wind on a tapered body to 2/3 the length of the hook

5. Bring wing forward and tie off

6. Tie in the wing case

7. Dub a good size thorax. Tie in tinsel over the top and then whip finish the head.

A hopper of some sort is essential at this time of the year. This one is sturdy and a good floater.

Hook: Kamasan B830, size 8 - 10

Thread: Brown Lureflash supergrip

Body: High density foam in red, orange or green

Wing: Dark brown moose hair

Head: Natural deer hair

1. Tie a rounded strip of foam in 2/3 along the shank, and then tie it at the bend as well

2. Tie in a wing of moose hair laying back over the foam

3. Spin in three small bunches of deer hair

4. Whip finish the head and varnish

5. With a sharp pair of scissors trim the head.

* Tying tip: If you cannot obtain the right coloured foam, try colouring it with waterproof markers

Rough weather fly
An excellent fly when the weather gods are against you. It rides high and will float all day.

Hook: Kamasan B830, size 10 - 14

Thread: Black Lureflash supergrip

Body: Black ostrich and palmered black hackle

Hackle: Black

1. Wind thread to the bend of hook

2. Tie in black hackle and ostrich herl

3. Wind thread back to 1/3 from front

4. Wind ostrich herl forward and tie off

5. Wind hackle forward to same place and tie off

6. Tie in one long hackle or two short ones

7. Whip finish head, and trim body as shown to same size as the ostrich herl.

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