Whitebait regulations for 2010

A whitebait licence is required to take whitebait but does not give
the right to take or retain any other fish. A person who has not
attained the age of 10 years is not eligible to hold a whitebait
licence. A person may not hold more than one whitebait licence at a
time and a licence cannot be transferred. A whitebait licence does not
permit the sale of whitebait. It is an offence for a person to have a
whitebait net at or near an inland water, unless the person has a
whitebait licence and the particular water is open to whitebait
fishing at the time.

Season and Fishing Times
The season is open from 1 October 2010 to 11 November 2010. Whitebait
can only be taken between the hours from sunrise to sunset.

Waters Open to Whitebait Fishing
It is illegal to take whitebait downstream of the seaward limit on any
open water. Refer to the Inland Fisheries (Seaward Limits) Order 2004
for a complete list or the Tasmanian Inland Fishing Code 2010-11 for
common seaward limits.
The following rivers (to the seaward limit or above) are open for the
2010 whitebait season:
Great Forester River, River Tamar including Trevallyn Tailrace, River
Derwent, Huon River, Rubicon River (except 50 m below the weir),
Mersey River (upstream of Frogmore Lane B19), Forth River (except
within 100 m below the weir), Inglis River, Duck River (except within
50 m below the weir), Montagu River, Pieman River and Henty River.

Catch and Possession Limits
A maximum daily catch by a licensee is 1 kg. Maximum catch per licence
for the season is 10 kg. Maximum quantity that can be held by a
licensee at any one time is 10 kg.

Method of Fishing
The whitebait net must carry a tag showing the number of the licence
held by the user. No part of the whitebait net, including the opening,
can exceed 120 centimetres in circumference.  The net cannot be fitted
with a funnel or screen or other device that can impede fish from
escaping and must not be fitted with or used in conjunction with any
wings or other structures that may divert fish into the net. The
licensee must be within 8 m of their net when fishing.  The net can be
held by hand or tied off to suitable vegetation or staked using a
metal or plastic peg only. Natural vegetation cannot be used as a
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