2018 04 03 Wild brown trout 6050Today thought I would give the small tannin water stream another go today as I was interested to see how it would fish seeing it's been a week since we had some decent rain. I was fairly late heading off this morning due to severe lower back pain and couldn't do much until the pain killers kicked in. I didn't arrive at the stream until 11:15 am only to find the water level had dropped by around five inches (125 mms) to what it was on my last visit here. I knew then I was in for a tough couple of hours here today with low water and full sun on it as well. It's nothing like my last trip when the water was like black coffee, the water was now a light tannin colour and I could see the river bottom quite easy now.

I decided I would still use the gold Aglia here for starters, if that didn't do any good I will change to the small ghost brown hard body lure. As I slowly worked my way upstream through the shallow water what trout were there just trout darted off in all directions. I was being as quiet as possible but they were spooked at the slightest noise and ripple on the water, even the small 1.5 gram spinner hitting the water some 30 feet ahead of me was enough to send them on there way. The water I was fishing at this stage varied in depth from four inches (100mms) to around eight inches (200mms) which meant I had to find some deeper runs.

I soon found a narrow deep run and flicked the little Aglia into the top end of it and as I slowly retrieved the spinner a bow waved soon appeared behind it. I raised & lowered the rod tip to make the blade flutter on the spinner which got the trout to take it. It made one dash to the right side of the stream that had several dead branches in it, I tried to get the fish to turn away from that area and that's when I lost it. I had put too much pressure on the fish and the treble pulled free.

Three casts later in the same water I hooked and lost another brown so it was now time to change over to the ghost brown hard body. I moved on upstream until I came across another deep stretch of water and it was here I caught two browns from three takes. It took me another five minute walk before I found another small deep piece of water and it was here I picked up my third brown for the session.That was the last stretch of water I fished as there is just too much low water here at the moment and it's a waste of time fishing on any longer. The deeper runs were very few and far between as most of this stream is mainly shallow water runs, so until we get some more rain I doubt I be back here for a while. I felt I was lucky to catch what I did today given the conditions..

Adrian Webb (meppstas)

2018 04 03 Very low water level 6051

Very low water level


3 Wild brown trout

2018 04 03 Wild brown trout 6045


2018 04 03 Wild brown trout 6048


2018 04 03 Wild brown trout 6050

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