2016 08 17 muzzas 5 cm rainbow trout hard body lureWell it was lovely and sunny with very little breeze when I left Sheffield at 12.30pm for a session back to the same creek that I fished a couple of days ago. Once there the cloud had moved in and there was a stiff breeze blowing making it quite cool. The water level had dropped by some 5-6 inches too, but it's temperature hadn't. It was icy cold, same as two days ago. Today I'm testing a couple of new hard body lures for a small tackle company. These are a small 5 cm floating hard body lure in a rainbow & a brown trout pattern.

They're a shallow runner too and dive to 1.2 meters and weigh around 3.5 gms. They certainly look good, now I'm hoping they also work well in the water and will attract a few browns. The first couple of stretches were very quiet without a sign of a trout. This same stretch gave up thee browns two days ago, but that's what trout fishing is all about. They're here one day and gone the next few days after. I kept on working my way upstream using the rainbow model which I found to be quite a good workable little lure. It had good vibration and worked beautifully through the water which was good to see.

Finally after some thirty minutes I had a nice medium size brown take the lure. Two leaps from the rivers and a couple of decent head shakes saw the lure go flying from it's mouth. It had just been lipped which is often a problem when casting upstream and working the lure back down with the flow. Another twenty minutes had past before I had another take, this time it was well and truly hooked. It was a medium (330gm) size well conditioned brown. A couple of quick photos and it was soon back in the creek. It only took another few minutes before I was on again, this fish was gone as quick as it took the lure. One leap from the river saw the lure depart in pretty quick time. Same thing happened again five minutes later.

The trout were in a smash and grab mood today, there was no following of the lure at all. They just came out of nowhere and hit it hard and fast and that's why they weren't getting well hooked and only being lipped. I decided it was time to try the other lure in the brown trout pattern in the hope they may take a different approach on this one. They didn't, I managed just two more takes over the next forty minutes for just the one 320 gm brown caught and released. I could see the fishing wasn't going to get any better and with the fish being few and far between plus my back and hips giving me hell, I called it a day. I was still happy to have had another two and a half hours in the creek today, one that still gave up a couple of quality fish. There wasn't anything wrong with having six hook ups for just the two trout caught and released either. Beats not catching anything at all which is good in my books, I'm not a big fan of donuts when fishing. I was very impressed with how these little hard body lures worked and I'll recommend them to any trout fisher who likes there lure fishing. Sent the report and pic's of to the agent too, one I'm sure he'll be pleased with.

Adrian (meppstas)



2016 08 17 muzzas 5 cm rainbow trout hard body lure



2016 08 17 muzzas 5 cm rainbow trout lure


2016 08 17 muzzas brown trout hard body lure

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