Trout and Fly in Tasmania

by R.H. Wigram

The original is a rare and collectable classic. Trout and Fly in Tasmania was published in 1938 during the war years and at this time quality paper was not available.

Most original Trout and Fly in Tasmania books are in poor condition and many are badly foxed (spotting on pages). In these relatively early days of fly fishing in Australia, Wigram was expounding his theories on nymph fishing. He talks about his secrets of success, the flies an angler might need, the Shannon Rise, the Dawn Patrol at Great Lake, Penstock Lagoon and other places and methods anglers continue to use to this day. Wigram was an angler of undoubted skill and more than 60 years later his words are still pertinent. This reprinted edition is fully bound in leather with embossed cover.
Limited edition 250. Only a few remain. $250.

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