Choose the right rod for better results

by Steven Bax

People are not getting the most out of their fishing, because the rods that they are using are too old and lacking the technology that can be had in today's rods.

Rods that are currently available feature many advancements that enhance fishing in many different ways. Graphite, different epoxies and new types of construction make rods more efficient, easier to use and help to land fish more quickly. A lot more enjoyment can be had if the small amount of money is paid to find a rod that suits you.

For example, a lot of people who fish for Flathead are using old four foot solid boat rod. Much more fun could be had however, if a lighter outfit such as a six foot spinning rod is used; this does not only increase the enjoyment that can be had but often the catch rate as well. The lighter outfit will also allow people to cast soft plastic baits, wobblers, and other lightweight lures. Fly fishing is another area where people often use older style rods. For around $120, a good graphite rod can be purchased which makes casting a lot easier and enjoyable.

Spinning with lighter lures can be made more productive if people are prepared to put their solid fibreglass rod aside and pick up a new graphite rod. A lighter rod can cast lures such as Rapalas and Nilsmasters, which will often work much better then older style lures.

Baitcaster rods are another area where Tasmanian's lag behind. The rods are the same amount as a good spinning rod and much fun can be had using one. Baitcaster rods cut down on leverage and this means that much larger fish can be caught.

Game fishing is another area were technology has improved the way people fish, with the old seven foot game rods being a thing of the past on game boats. New graphite short stroker rods are available that are designed for long stand up battles with huge Tuna or Marlin. This style of fishing is a lot of fun.

When people go into a shop and purchase a new graphite rod, then they should be careful as there are a great deal of rods on the market that are called graphite, however, the quality of graphite in the rods can be different. If a rod does have a good graphite quality in it then it is often thinner, and lighter.
If in doubt then ask the person in the tackle shop, they usually know and will be glad to help.

To maintain your rod the only thing that you need to do it give it a good wash with fresh water. If you own a two piece rod then take it apart to stop the ferrule from becoming corroded with salt water.

To purchase a good graphite rod then by paying that little bit more the better the product will be for you.

The new technology can both improve you fishing and give much more enjoyment.

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