morning-on-the-tamarMorning on the Tamar

The plan was to fish off Low Head this morning for Gummies as the forecast looked pretty good.Left Kelso at 6am to be greeted by a pretty ordinary slop at the heads so decided to give it a miss.Headed back up the river to try for a Snapper instead;found plenty of birds around the Clarence Point area so threw a plastic around for 10 minutes and landed 5 Salmon around the 25cm mark.Off to look for a Snapper with fresh bait next.Anchored up in a spot around 14 metres deep and wasn't long before the first Gurnard was on board.


Soon after got a small Pinkie about 29cm so was returned to the water.This was to be the highlight of the morning,no more Snapper but plenty of Gurnard,couple of legal Flathead,1 Couta for future bait,couple of Squid came up on the bait but let go before I could get the net behind them and a Ray of some kind which released itself when the trace broke.Packed up at 10:30 so a bit going on even if most of the fish wern't that big.Got 3 Pinkies in the last 5 weeks but no size to them as yet,34cm has been the best.Just need the bigger ones to turn up.

Richard Ford-King


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