Destruction of land and river near Beaulah

Here is something that has really made me angry, and it is the destruction of the large grassed area along side of the Minnow River near Beaulah, plus the destruction of river banks from Off Road vehicles such as bikes, Atv's & 4wd's. These Morons and that's what they are do not give a dam of the damage they cause, not to mention the bottles, cans, car parts and rubbish that they also leave behind. This little river has struggled over the past few years from below average rainfalls to keep it in top condition and now it has to put up with this type of destruction.

It's bad enough that these people have torn the land up they also drive into and along the river itself cutting up the river bed. Seeing what I did today has really "" Ticked "" me off too. It's time the law took a visit to this area on the weekends as this is when they're usually there. Not that they can do any thing why they're on private land (ex Gunns plantations) but they can catch them when they go roaring up the main roads or tear across them on unregistered vehicles surely. I have seen 4 or 5 bikes and ATV's on these back roads and all have been unregistered. One day I came across at least 10 bikes on the Paradise to Weegena road and they were all kids with the eldest being around 14 years and the youngest 9 years old and they were spread from one side of the road to the other. An accident waiting to happen I would think as it's only a matter of time.. Most of the fire tracks that run through the hardwood plantations here would be impassible for a fire truck as they have been chopped up by all these off road vehicles and are mostly bog holes now.



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