The Penstock 25/12/2011

A few days before Xmas I spent several most enjoyable days at the Penstock, mainly by myself,and as such had the luxury of deciding where and when to fish.
As we all know fishing at the “P” can either be full on or full off, there are days however when it is sometimes in between. Over the week I struck it all. Bright sky and windy being the main order of the day.
I did manage to say hello to one or two fish most days ,but as you know with a size limit of 420 there were few to get really acquainted with.
I did however have one special friend in a certain area ,with whom I struck up a special relationship, hooked him 4 times  to be broken off 3, and to have him straighten a hook on another occasion.
My last morning saw me say “hi” to him again, but sadly the meeting was all too brief.
I have had a report from a friend that this fish may have since been caught and reputed to have been around the 7/8 lb mark. My hope that it was not killed, but it may be a forlorn hope.
One consolation is that via a very good friend I was given the task of caretaking a very nice bottle of single malt whiskey, and I’m afraid to report I failed that task dismally. Ar well. that's fishing.
Happy New Year to all my fellow Presidents, and tight lines
Pres., Reg Travers
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