Salmon from Tassal - Salmon Arrive for Xmas

During December, Tassal generously donated approximately 6,530 well condi­tioned Atlantic salmon to the Inland Fisheries Service for the benefit of recrea­tional anglers. With the fish, the Service stocked three event waters in the north and Craigbourne Dam in the south.

Loading up the Atlantic salmon at Tassal's Russell Falls hatchery
Taylors Dam in Latrobe which is a junior angling water run by the Devonport Anglers Club, received 1000 from the first stocking of fish which weighed un­der 1 kg. Frombergs Dam near Ulverstone and Hiscutt Pond near Penguin, each received 600 and 400 of the same stock. The fish were provided for the Ladies Day events which were held at each of the waters on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 December.
Craigbourne Dam and Meadowbank Lake have both received a decent stocking of Atlantic salmon in the lead up to the Christmas holidays. Approximately 3,880 fish of less than 1 kg were released into Craigbourne in early December followed by another stocking of 650 fish weighing 1.5 kg on Wednesday 21 December. Meanwhile, Meadowbank Lake received a stocking of 360 salmon on the 15 and 16 of December.
The Service would like to thank Tassal for the donation of these fish which pro­vide anglers with an added incentive to go fishing. The stockings are ideal for lowland waters such as Craigbourne Dam and Meadowbank Lake in the south, and Brushy Lagoon and Lake Barrington in the north, and for special events targeting junior and novice anglers. These waters are generally accessible from major population centres, provide for all types of fishing method and are popu­lar for family outings.

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