North West Coast Report 22/10/2011

I recently spent four days up the North-West Coast with my wife and two children to do some maintenance around out property at Forest. After catching up with a mate (Marcus) who is a local on Friday night for a sensational BBQ, we put together a plan

to hit the salty brine early Saturday morning to chase a few different species on relatively light tackle.
So, we had the little "tinnie" launched at around 7am Saturday morning and with the high tide just about to turn and run out, we decided to target some Australian Salmon to begin with and the action was thick and fast as soon as the lures hit the water! The first reef we hit was holding plenty of small sized "cockys" and after short play with these little fella's we moved to another area where the sized increased and there were some real horses amongst them! The average size of the Salmon coming aboard was around 1-2kg which were putting up an awesome account for themselves on the 1-3kg Lox rods and 4lb braid/leader. The Pearl White YTT Flapper was banging the Salmon cast after cast and was the stand-out soft plastic on this species. After giving the arm a bit of a rest, I pulled the 5wt fly rod out for a run and went to battle with some quality Salmon which were smashing my freshly tied Deceivers with gusto!

A short clip of some Salmon on fly.....

After all this action it was time to find some Calamari which are fairly thick around the Coast at present and once we found a good patch there were more thumping Squid around the boat than we could keep up with! My first one to come aboard was a monster that would have easily went 3kg's and took quite a lot of coaxing back to the boat after it huge bursting runs on the light tackle. By the time we had a good amount for a feed the tide was almost at it's lowest and it was time to hit our next species- Bluespot Flathead.....

Marcus took me to some of his favourite ground to target these awesome fish and I was blown away! We first hit a sand bank which would have been no more than 2ft deep at best and consistently pulled magnificent fish up to 58.5cm which really go off on the light gear and the long powerful runs in the knee deep water was nothing short of amazing. We then moved to another location around some racks to look for the elusive 80+cm models and although I'm sure we hooked some in the ball park of this size we weren't able to land them due to them pulling the hooks! We also landed some impressive Sand Flathead whilst chasing the "Blues'. The most productive SP on the big Lizards was by far the Red Rascal YTT  Flapper.

So all up we had an awesome day on the water and brought home a sensation fresh feed of two of the best eating flesh in the sea!


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