Port Sorell 18/10/2011

By Stephen Smith
Success ! After many visits to the jetty at Port Sorell we finally landed some nice fish for tea !

It was a very interesting to chat with some fellow fishermen, who had landed one fish for the day, but then both of our rods began twitching !

I landed a nice Yellow Eye Mullet, among much cheering and enthusiasm ! Moments later, Karen (Mrs Fisherwomen) landed the first of her Australian Salmon - she was so surprised at their strength

In the next hour or so, I spent most of my my time racing over to help land her further 3 Salmon! One jumped the line at the jetty, otherwise it would have been a total of 5 Salmon and 1 Mullet.

The third one was so strong, it was touch and go as to who would win. Karen did an awesome job, her fishing skills clearly evident in her catch! It was such a fun day, with just the right success to lift spirits and enjoy the world.

Meanwhile, our unlucky companions on the jetty had no success at all.

We were using a standard sinker and 2 hooks,  with chicken thighs for bait.

And yes, they were very tasty, steamed in foil on the BBQ.

Hopefully more news on our future outings.

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