Coles Bay

Hi everyone, the holiday is now over so I have found some time for a report .
We had 15 nights at Coles bay and considered ourselves very lucky this year as each year we seem to have a disaster, last year my niece broke her arm and tore a tendon, the year before Trev was hit in the head with a cricket bat and knocked out.... we had a very fast trip to Swansea hospital!!!

This year the only thing that happened was I broke 2 fingers (how lucky).
The fishing was also good in the boat and from the jetty, the kids were catching salmon, trevally, couta, jack pike mackerel, gurnard, flathead, calamari and kelpies - all from the jetty on plastics.
We caught plenty of flathead and calamari in the bay and a couple of gummy sharks, the crays were not very cooperative but we did manage to get 8.
I didn’t take many pictures kept forgetting to take the camera in the boat.

Dale and Trev














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