Swan River Report 1/1/2013

The weather has finally given me the motivation to go for a fish; Trev was pretty keen to give the bream a go as well, so we headed off to the Swan River to give them a go. We arrived there around 11.30 this morning to a slight breeze and soon had the boat on the water.

We were told about some possible hot spots from a couple of the comp gurus and headed straight there, it only took a couple of casts to get the first one in the boat as there were plenty of fish in this area.
After a bit of fun we went down to the cut and had a look, didn't see any in the shallows so we decided to head upstream as far as we could go, just for a look.
Didn't see one fish up there so it was back down to the deep water where all the fish seemed to be.
Had a great day with my boy, I think we could get used to this “bream’ in”.
Dale & Trev

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