Fortesque Bay 4/5/2013

We went to Fortesque Bay on Saturday afternoon . I went with Shippy and my Brother in law Andrew . We left at 3pm got there about 6.30 put the tent up in the rain and went to bed it rained all night up about 6.30am had some brekkie on the water around 7.30 . We headed for Tasman didn't have a touch till we got to Tasman then a rod went off . I grabbed the rod but I dropped him big time had a bird nestline everywhere got it all straightened out put an other lure on and we done another lap.

Rod went off ,I grabbed it again it swam towards me finally tighten up on him got it in the boat a bluey about 20kg . We got going again done another lap blueies on the surface the rod went off again Andrew grabbed the rod finally got it in a bluey about 23kg . At the same time there was a boat in front off us hooked up but they got sealed . We done about 6 more laps not a touch so we decided to go and do some bottom bouncing . We ended up with a nice feed of flat head and some squeaky perch. Not a bad days fishing .
Regards Derek

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