Swansea 4/2/2013

As the last day of the School Holidays, we decided to go for a drive to Swansea, and have a fish off the Wharf. We fished at the Wharf for around about 2 hours, using bait and changing tactics, but no luck. We then went for a fish up to the mouth of the Swan River, we arrived there with a breeze from the North East, I had a cast and had a few cocky salmon follow me in, but only little ones. 10 minutes later I had a huge hit, and my reel screamed. I finally got the fish in after around about 5miniutes, it was a great big Black Back Salmon! Biggest one I have ever caught.

In to the bag he goes! We fished there for a while and getting lots of smaller salmon, and a few legal ones. Then I had another screaming hit, but I didn’t get this fish in it jumped and spat the lure. (Bugger!) Kept on fishing hoping that I would hook him again! But time passed bye and no such luck. I then got a smaller legal Cocky Salmon, nice size.  Casting a few more times, I then got a bigger hit, and it really gave my rod and reel a work out. I was fighting this fish for about 5 minutes, without seeing it. But it was big whatever it was! And I lost it… Having a few more hits, I had another fish on, but lost it. And I casted again, and hooked another big fish, weather it was the same fish or not. But it was BIG!  I fought it for around 10 minutes and finally got it to land. It was a whopper!! Even bigger than the first black back I got! Then about half hour after that Connor, my little brother caught another big Black Back, same size as my first fish.
All in all it was a good day, and fishing was awesome!
My 2 big salmon: First Salmon 4lb – Second Salmon 30cm – Third Salmon 4.75lb. My biggest
Connors Big one: 4lb and he caught 17 other little ones.
Good session for us, with plenty of fish being caught. And not a bad way to spend the last day of the Holidays!

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