Bicheno Striped Trumpeter

President Danny Jacobs, from Tamar Marine, recently had a striped trumpeter trip out of Bicheno with his mates Fitzy and Jason Fulton. Leaving  home at 5am to arrive at Bicheno at 7am, they headed up to Seymour and had been fishing five minutes when Jason caught his first ever Stripie.

He was rapt, he reckons this was easy, Danny hooked up next, followed by a double header by Jason, and on it went, catching their bag limit each and fighting those bloody gurnard!
Danny got a couple of spines in the hand, “have to be more careful old boy”, they were back at the ramp by 2.30.
They certainly had a great session, will have to get down their myself soon,..... Can’t let them have all the fun lol,






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