Weymouth Easter 2012

We were invited to Weymouth for a couple of days over the Easter break to stay at a friend’s shack. The plan was to go after some flathead on the first day and a Mako the next. We arrived about lunch time on Friday and got the gear ready.

As luck would have it, Mark Tapsell showed up at the shack as well and as he fishes this water regularly we thought we would be in with a good show of getting onto a few.
So off we zoomed to his spot and as soon as we put a bait down, 2 flathead were caught, then a cuttlefish, a few gurnard, ... then nothing.
Mark assured us that he had a backup plan in the form of a “secret spot” where the black back salmon always hung out, we weren't disappointed, birds working and fish everywhere!
We quickly produced our soft plastic rod’s and had a ball, catching one after the other on the red rascal ready rigged!
John Daw was so excited he was trying to steal the fish by stuffing them into his pockets (see pictures) hence his new nickname is now “pockets Daw”.
Unfortunately though, that was the end of the weekends fishing, the bad weather made sure of that.  
Dale & Trev


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