Rock Lobster Review Outcomes

The new rock lobster management plan has now been released meaning new rock lobster rules apply for this recreational season which opens on Saturday, 5th November.
The main changes are the division of state fishing waters into the Eastern and Western Rock Lobster Fishing Regions and a reduced bag limit in the Eastern Region of 3 rock lobsters per day with an on-water possession limit of 6 for multiple day trips.  Other changes include new on-water boat limits and reduced possession limits for non-fishers.

The rock lobster rule changes are outlined via the weblinks below:
Licence Renewal Changes
The option to renew recreational sea fishing licences by phone will no longer be available to fishers for the 2011-12 season.
The phone renewal service is being withdrawn from service because it's unreliable and less than 5% of fishers renew their licence by phone.
DPIPWE encourages fishers to plan to buy their licence early so your fishing activities aren't affected.  Licences will be on sale from 17 October at Service Tasmania or online.
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