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What is Safety Watch?

Safety Watch is a new service for Tas Maritime Radio members based on the ETAR System that we have been trialling.

If you use Safety Watch you will tell us when you expect to arrive at your destination or return to your starting point and then call us as you arrive or return.

If you are:

more than 20 minutes overdue: we will start to call you using radio and your mobile phone number.
more than 1 hour overdue: we will contact Tasmania Police who will then take whatever steps they feel necessary, possibly including mounting a search for your vessel.

When would I use Safety Watch?

Safety Watch is intended for short coastal or offshore voyages, for example, a day’s fishing on the Continental Shelf or you may want to use Safety Watch for short voyages between two points on the coast where the voyage duration is 24 hours or shorter, such as a cruise to Port Arthur, Port Davey, East Coast etc. For longer duration voyages, use Tas Maritime’s TasRep system (see our website on

You would not use Safety Watch for day trips in inshore waterways such as the d’Entrecasteaux Channel or Norfolk Bay. In those cases just call in as usual and we’ll log your position. Exceptions might be:

  •  Commercial operators carrying paying clients.
     Jetskis or kayaks.
     1 POB on a small craft.
     Potentially dangerous weather.

How do I use Safety Watch?

Simply call in and tell our operator you want to be logged into Safety Watch and provide your destination and ETA.

Be sure to call in as you approach your destination, if you don’t, we will follow up and a search could then occur.

If your destination has patchy VHF coverage (eg, some parts of Port Davey, Port Arthur, Fortescue Bay), call as you approach your destination.

You can call on VHF CH16 or HF (2524, 4125, 6215 or 8291 KHz), phone us on 6231 2276 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Remember to advise us of any changes to your vessel or personal details.

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