Woods Lake Fishery Performance Assessment

During the first week of October, we surveyed the brown trout population at Woods Lake.
Over two nights we captured 368 brown trout.
The average weight for fish over the legal size limit of 300 mm was 804 grams with an average
length of 427 mm.
The growth of fish was good across all lengths, with approximately 20 percent of fish measuring in
excess of 500 mm.
There was a strong cohort of fish centered around a peak of 360 mm length, with 37 percent of
fish measuring 300 – 400 mm.

wood lake a

Length/weight regression for
brown trout captured 2018
(Linear growth equation Y = -
10.363 + 2.803 * X; R^2 =0.982)


wood lake b

Length frequency for brown trout

Go to the IFS website (www.ifs.tas.gov.au) to watch video on Woods Lake and our management.

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