Anglers Access - River Access

IFS has started assessing sites for extensions of the Anglers Access Program in the North, North West and River Derwent. As part of the Tyenna River willow control program a replanting day was held at Lanoma Estate on 6 June. Native trees were planted to stabilize banks before willow removal.

IFS and the Derwent Catchment Project are planning further field days on the Tyenna River as part of the willow control program. A revegetation day will be held in October and willow control days over the summer months. We will notify anglers of event dates. Volunteers are encouraged to participate.


Recreational Boating Fund (RBF)

RBF applications for Lake Rowallan and Tungatinah Lagoon were successful. Hydro Tasmania, IFS and MAST will undertake an assessment of Darwin Dam (Lake Burbury) for potential future upgrade.

Navigation Light maintenance was completed in July with all batteries replaced and faulty lights either repaired or replaced. All 31 lights are now in working order. A light will be installed at Lake Rowallan. MAST and IFS jointly funded the maintenance project.

Native Fish Conservation - Clarence galaxias

We undertook monitoring of the Clarence galaxias at Lake Knight (Wentworth Hills), Clarence Lagoon, Tibbs Plains Marsh and Dyes Marsh. We used electrofishing at all sites. Low numbers were surveyed at Clarence Lagoon and Lake Knight, however, three distinct cohorts were present.

At Tibbs Plains Marsh, despite recent rainfall, water levels were very low; consequently, the preferred method of capture using fyke nets was not feasible. We surveyed the marsh by electrofishing but observed no Clarence galaxias.

At Dyes Marsh, several small river trout had pushed upstream and entered the marsh, but again we observed no Clarence galaxias.

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