Last week, IFS and AAT staff ,with buoys kindly supplied by MAST, set up the recommended outboard motor corridor for Penstock Lagoon and the recommended outboard motor free zone at Little Pine Lagoon. Boat users are asked to familiarize themselves with these arrangements to help protect the fragile weed beds which characterize these shallow lagoons. Details of the arrangements are contained in the 2017/18 Angling Code, on signposting at Penstock Boat Ramp and soon at the ramp at Little Pine. Anglers Alliance has produced a detailed flyer.

The Penstock Anglers Access Brochure includes details of the outboard motor corridor and the Little Pine Access Brochure will be amended in due course. Additionally,  which will be distributed at the boat ramps by IFS Fisheries Officers. 

Photos - Buoys marking the start of the Penstock corridor and IFS Fisheries Officer Neil Morrow setting the GPS location of one the buoys

buoy deployment 01

buoy deployment 02


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