Low Head Boat Ramp Upgrade - Delayed Reopening

Unfortunately yet another delay with reopening the ramp – now next Friday (27 June)! The dive crew the Contractors had booked to do the underwater work withdrew at the last minute. Fortunately they were able to get a replacement crew onsite on Wednesday and the dive work was finished yesterday. Just couple of things to finish off now and we should be ok to reopen next week.
While I was onsite yesterday I met with a couple of the “bigger” boat users to discuss their concerns re use of the ramp now the pontoon is in place, particularly the north lane. The result is we will have an excavator in there at low tide tomorrow to “open up” the end of the northern ramp more than what it is now. This will involve removing the rocks on the ramp side of the white line (see photos). Although not as much as an issue, similar will occur on the southern ramp as well.
I also had a look at “Lara” yesterday. Looking from the shore she certainly needs a coat of paint. However, I don’t know if it can be put into a derelict vessel category. As mentioned previously the vessel does have an owner, is registered and is sitting true in the water (see photo). However, if anything was to change on that front please let us know.
Jim Caulfield
Marine and Safety Tasmania
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