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Scallop Season Opens
The 2014 recreational scallop season opens from this Saturday, 12 April and runs until July 31.  The D'Entrecasteaux Channel remains closed to protect scallop stocks, so you cannot take or possess scallops in this area or transit through it with scallops on board your boat.  Reports last year indicated that scallop divers were most active on the East Coast from Coles Bay to Marion Bay.
Read more about scallop rules and catch limits

Shark Fishing Reminder 
A reminder to fishers that you are not allowed to take or target shark, skates or rays in Shark Refuge Areas. Fishing gear restrictions apply for set lines and gillnets in these sheltered habitats so sharks, skates and rays can breed and raise their young. The following areas are Shark Refuge Areas: Blackman Bay, Derwent Area, Frederick Henry Bay, Norfolk Bay, D'Entrecasteaux Channel, Georges Bay, Great Oyster Bay, East Coast Waters, Mercury Passage, Port Sorell and the Tamar River.  Seemaps of these areas and the rules that apply.

Visit us at AgFest
The Recreational Fisheries Team and Fishcare Volunteers will be at AgFest from 1-3 May so drop in and say hello.  Among the attractions are:
  • Kid's fishing pool
  • Fishcare display trailer
  • Filleting display - flathead and other species 
  • Fish de-hooking and handling demonstrations
  • Live rock lobster
  • Fishing advice, guides and brochures
See you at Site M64 on Main Street.
  Female Rock Lobster Season Closes
The recreational season for female rock lobster finishes at the end of April in time for the breeding season.  Male rock lobster can still be taken until 31 August, but all female rock lobster should be carefully returned to the water in the area they were caught.

Female rock lobster can be distinguished from males by the large pleopods (red, flap-like structure) under their tails.  These are used to hold their eggs and they also have a small nipper claw on their rear legs.  Male rock lobster have much smaller pleopods and no nipper claw on their rear legs.


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