Dear Sid Sidebottom

Dear Sid,
I Urge you along with other Federal House of Parliament Members  to listen to the ABC Interview on the Super trawler debate.

There are some extremely important points made here especially on the European Union Subsidies available to the Trawler.

Some very important points are that Seafish Tasmania is setting up a new company “Seafish Tasmania Pelagics” and that is a joint venture with the Dutch owned Company that owns the Super Trawler. (Most of it)

Letter to Hon. Dick Adams MHR

Dear Dick,

As you would be well aware, the Super Trawler issue is a concern to many Tasmanians.

Your office has received numerous emails from myself and no doubt many others on this matter.

In email correspondence from your office dated 2nd July 2012, your office stated.

  “I am actually preparing a paper to counter the comments in the press which are scientifically wrong – and has also led to the Minister being misled too on these marine parks which will do bugger all in conserving fish stocks!”  

Rally Pictures 11/8/2012

Here are some photos from todays rally on the Derwent River. Certainly a very good turn out (just how many boats it would be hard to hazard a guess, but in the hundreds) with every vessel you could imagine - kayaks, 12 footers, game boats, large cruisers, commercial tourist operators, commercial fishers you name it they were there - indicating the widespread concern and impact across so many in the community. Lots of resounding support from passing road traffic beeping their horns and heaps of spectators lining the banks of the river. Film crews on boats and even a sea plane filming and taking photos as well. The last part of the rally in and around the docks area was great with a huge amount of boats and banners right up close and personal in the centre of Hobart for all to see - it did get pretty tight in there at times with all the boat traffic!!!  Well done to everyone involved and the way it all came together was simply fantastic i thought.

Hi, Mike - I am writing to seek your assistance with the campaign to stop the FV Margiris from plundering Australian fisheries. I am aware that there is an excellent online petition being circulated but some people don't use the Internet and a paper-based petition may add more weight to this argument.
The link to the paper-based petition is
The idea is that people can print these and circulate these through fishing and other retail outlets.
I would be very grateful for any assistance that you can give.
Thanks & Regards

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