Politics in the Pub Report

The first of the "Politics in the pub" meetings was held in Launceston last night in front of a modest crowd of around 25 people. The Stop the Trawler Alliance is made up of representatives from recreational fishers and environment groups,... United as one on this issue.

Be aware the threat is still very real that Super Trawlers could yet be granted permission to fish in Australian waters.

Now is the time to lobby state election candidates for a firm commitment "that they will strongly oppose any attempt to try and reintroduce a ship of similar ilk into the future".

Remember Federal Liberal Senators Colbeck and Abetz have consistently voiced their support for such ventures and there are still loopholes they can use in which to do this.


"Dependant on the science".... and "not withstanding the science" ... Are those loop holes.

We need your support,  please make the effort to attend at least one of the meetings / stalls listed below and support us on mass as you did before...we need you!

Pictured are Northern Organizer Todd Lambert, NW Organiser John Edwards and campaign manager Rebecca Hubbard speaking at last night’s "Politics in the Pub" session held in Launceston.

Greens representatives Amy Tyer & Kim Booth were also present and addressed the audience.

Fri 14 February – 6pm
What: Politics in the Pub session 
Where: Launceston The northern club 31 Cameron st "the bar"

Saturday 15 Feb – daytime
What: Stall at Wooden Boat Rally
Where: Launceston 

Sunday 16 Feb – daytime
What: Stall 
Where: Penguin Market

Tuesday 25th Feb 7pm
What: Big Public Meeting 
Where: Mersey Yacht club o
Who: Speakers could include > Conservation/science: Jon Bryan, Bec Hubbard; Fishers > Nobby Clarke, Todd Lambert, John Edwards; event MC – possibly Mike Stevens. Tas political representatives: party fisheries spokes or local candidates. 

Wednesday 26 Feb – 6pm
What: Politics in the Pub session 
Where: The Lufra Hotel, Tasman Peninsula 

Thursday 27 Feb – 6pm
What: Politics in the Pub session 
Where: Woodbridge Pub or Kettering Yacht Club (TBC)

Saturday 1 March – 6pm 
What: Politics in the Pub session
Where: Bayside Inn, St Helens

Sunday 2 March – daytime 
What: Stall
Where: Bicheno Markets
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