coastal-catches-2014-12-05Coastal Catches 4/12/2014

Judging by some of the chatter in the shop this week if seems that there was a lot of fishing being done last weekend. It’s a great thing that if you want to go fishing in Tasmania it is accessible to everyone. If you want to catch a trout there is a small cost involved in getting a licence and if you want to throw a line in the sea it’s free. All you need is some gear and you can fish as often as you like with little or no cost. The reward for this pastime is fresh fish for tea and it always tastes better when you catch it yourself.
There are a few reports filtering in from Arthurs lake that are encouraging. The fish are in good condition and one angler reported a mix of fish from 4lbs to 1.5lb footballs. There are some dun hatches occurring in the cowpadock area and these will increase as we move towards Christmas. Duns are also hatching at Penstock Lagoon and Little Pine Lagoon.

There are many trout anglers who bait fish using Mudeye’s. They are the Nymphal stage of the Dragonfly and trout love them. The usual way is to fish them under a water filled float with a small hook. It’s a relaxing and rewarding way to fish. We understand that they could be in short supply this year we have however managed to obtain a few for sale.
We were disappointed to see a report on Sportfish Tasmania about some graball nets that were found in the Western Lakes last weekend. It is unbelievable that there are people around that would stoop to such a low act. If you see anything suspicious when you are out there I would urge you to report it to the IFS.
There are good flathead along the coast at the moment although the wind has been making fishing difficult. The best bet is to get out early before the wind gets up. A crew from Burnie did that over the weekend and ended up with a good catch of Gummy shark, Flathead and Squid.
Female Anglers are being well catered for this weekend with a Ladies Angling day at Hiscutt Park, Penguin on Saturday and there is another at Frombergs dam, Ulverstone on Sunday. The Sunday session starts at 10am till 3pm and entry is by a gold coin donation. The boy’s are welcome to come along and watch how it’s done.


Photo: Tony Denny with a nice Bream from the Scamander river

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