Coastal Catches 25/10/2012

There are plenty of calamari squid being caught at the moment. Sisters beach is a popular and productive spot for them. One of the secrets to squid fishing is to anchor up and get a burley trail going and then fish your jigs into it. Use reasonably light flurocarbo leader and you will get more hook-ups. Better quality squid jigs will also catch more squid. If you don’t believe me then have a look at what the professionals use. Other places to try are Doctors Rocks at Wynyard, the Boat ramp at Emu Bay, Port Sorell and the bluff at Devonport. All are fishable from the shore.

We caught some good sized flathead out off Burnie on Saturday. The weather was a bit rough but the Silstar Jig em Rigs worked a treat yet again. The main secret to using these jigs is to use a snapper sinker heavy enough to drag on the bottom while you are drifting.
We had a customer in this week who had been spiked by a Gurnet and had been in quite a bit of pain. One thing that can help is hot water poured over where you have been spiked. Obviously it doesn’t want to be so hot that it will burn you. A thermos full of tea or hot water is a handy thing to have on board plus a good pair of sturdy gloves are a must.
The weather continues to be quite cold in the highlands and this has meant that spring fishing has been a bit slow so far. It will only take a few warm days and it will be in full swing. There are still plenty of fish being caught but everything is a little behind for this time of year.
Sea Runners are still being caught in good numbers along the coast and the Forth and Leven Rivers have been popular and productive. Have a crack at them with Rapala Spotted Dogs that have just been re-released. For some reason the red spots on the side of the lure provoke an attack response from trout and there are many anglers who had a lot of success with the last run. They are also a great lure for the lakes.
Young anglers development junior angling day is being held this Sunday from 10am till 3pm at Frombergs Dam Ulverstone. This as always a great day for kids and there is a good chance of catching a big Atlantic salmon.


Arthur Paull with a well conditioned Sea Runner that he caught and then released

Gadget of the week:

Dip electronic bite alarm. All you have to do is hook your line through the alarm arm and it will sound when you have a bite. Only $9.95 at Tassie Tackle and Outdoor.

Winner for September photo competition:
Ethan Hubbard is the winner of the photo competition for September. Call into Tassie Tackle and outdoor to collect your $50 Gift Voucher

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