Coastal Catches 14/9/2012

Last weekend was fairly typical of spring in Tassie. Wind, Rain, Sunshine and I hear there was some snow in elevated areas. You can use it as an excuse not to go fishing or you can just accept it’s just the way it is and go anyway. I know of a few who ventured out for a fish and most were rewarded with a trout for tea. It was certainly not a good weekend to head out into the sea.

A quick look on Hydro Tasmania’s lake levels page shows that all the dams on the Mersey Forth scheme were spilling and this has made fishing downstream fairly challenging. One of the lads from the shop went fishing in the Forth estuary on Saturday and the water was still flowing out even when the tide was coming in. When everything settles down there should be some good fishing.

If we don’t get any more heavy rain the Leven River estuary will be worth a look and I have been told that there is a small trickle of whitebait hare and there.

There are plenty of people fishing some of the stocked farm dams around the coast with many reporting success. Soft plastics have been a popular choice as have worms and powerbait nuggets. If you are intending to fish these waters please make sure you ask permission from the landowner. If you go to the trouble of respectfully asking permission is usually given.

Lake Kara is still popular but the Atlantic Salmon are starting to thin out. I mentioned previously that there has been some concern about rubbish being left there and at Brushy Lagoon. Some enlightened folk have been picking up other peoples rubbish and cleaning the place up. This is not the best long term solution. If you see others doing the wrong thing report them. All you have to do is get a registration number. Unfortunately this is the course of action that needs to happen if you want to see continued stocking and access to these lakes.

Lake Barrington is still well worth a look. Have a try above the rowing course as you might get a good surprise.

The Great Lake continues to fish well particularly if you are using a Squidgy Garry Glitter or a Berkley black and Gold T Tail. There are still a number of anglers who are yet to give soft plastics a try because they are unsure of how to rig them and what sort of set up to use. Head to your local tackle shop and ask them for some advice. A good set up will not cost you a lot and a few tips on knots and techniques will have you catching fish in no time.

Gadget of the week

Dorado Hard Body Lures.

These lures have some great colours that will catch plenty of fish. They are individually tank tested, swim well, are available in floating and sinking and are affordably priced from $9.95. Check them out at Tassie Tackle and Outdoor.


Emma Pugh and Sarah Cunningham with a nice haul of Atlantic salmon that they caught at Frombergs dam

Blaide Smith age 10 with a 6lb Rainbow that he caught and reeled in al by himself at Brushy Lagoon.

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