Laughing Jack Lagoon Report

We traveled to Laughing Jack Lagoon on Friday to make sure we secured ourselves a good camp, just so happens we were the only ones to camp there the whole weekend!

We fished till midday Saturday with no success. Conditions were bright and the water was flat calm. As the lagoon was very low I wondered this could have slowed the fishing.
A light breeze came in just after lunch and we managed two nice fish from the shore. Both were in great condition and weighing 2 1/2 - 3lb respectively.
Just on dark we managed another fish of 2 1/2 lb and same condition.
We were spinning only and all fish caught were on small lures.
The next morning we took the boat back up to the Western end of the Lagoon before things got too bright. We stuck with the small lure theory and landed another nice fish of 4lb.
This fish took the lure in about half a metre of water off the mud flats. Once cleaned we noticed he was chockers full of shrimp.

Cheers, Jason Crane

Here is the photo of the 4lb trout from Laughing Jack Lagoon.
Daniel Holmes was the angler.



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