Lake Ada Report 17 April 2010

Had a day fishing some lakes a couple of hours walk from Ada on Saturday. The weather was magnificent and if you had said it felt like the middle of February you wouldn`t have doubted it. Its a good time to catch better than average fish with big browns looking to put on some weight ready for spawning.

Things were a bit quiet early but by mid-afternoon started seeing a few. It`s hard to get them to take the fly when they are pairing up. Two big trout were frustrating me by cruising up and down past me for about 5 minutes. They were chasing one another and refusing every fly I put to them.

I moved on and picked a couple of beauties up on the jassid although no naturals were present. Finished the day with 8 trout in excellent condition and they are still looking up as they were all caught on the jassid. Walking past Ada Lagoon it was nearly dark but there was a very good evening rise on with trout sipping midges but i had all but missed the best action and it was to late to set up again.

Cheers Mark
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