Parks and Wildlife abandon highlands

Peter Toohey - to anglersalliance 16 January.
I read about the PWS apparent abandonment of the plateau.
Our experience at Interlaken is that they don’t give a stuff!

They have long since abandoned the toilet/shower block that was the central facility. It has been vandalized, most fittings stolen, the toilet bowl(s) shat in (and its still there) and the door ripped open. It is surrounded with weeds and a small tree fell right next to it.
We thought they had run out of money, but they “donated for removal” (gave away) the toilet block at the lower camping ground. Apparently they had ample funds and could afford to give the building away!  Then they didn’t cap the long-drop holes for many months – until our club wrote to the Council, and to them (PWS) and insisted it be done.  Now people just crap in the bush nearby.
The toilet block at the top camping ground was vandalized last year. One of our club members went up and repaired it; useless expecting PWS to do it. The spouting and guttering need a bit of work – don’t hold your breath.
Our club members have been eradicating thistles and gorse in and around the lower camping ground for years and it makes a difference. Now the PWS tell us that ground is “closed” but no signs have been put up, and it’s still in use.
A burned-out Suzuki 4wd has been dumped in the reserve and nothing done about it. It still has a rego plate on it so ownership should have been established and something done to remove it.
We see a flow of interstate tourists through the area and they are astounded such a nice area for camping and overnight staying is so poorly looked after.
Peter Toohey - West Hobart Angling Club inc

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