Has Parks and Wildlife Service ABANDONED THE CENTRAL PLATEAU?

With the recent closure of the Liawenee Field Station and transfer of Plateau management to Mole Creek, one might very well ask this question.  For the first time in many decades, there is no Ranger present or Parks and Wildlife Service representation on the Central Plateau. 

I understand that some/or all buildings will be sold off.

Given the diverse range of CP users, it is staggering that PWS have not advised peak interest groups etc of these changes and what alternative arrangements have been put in place to cover this shift in policy.  There are many question, for example -

What are the arrangements concerning the opening and closing of the Nineteen Lagoons road at Augusta ?
Has this information been communicated to interest groups?
How will users find out this information?
How do the PWS intend to manage the maintenance of the Nineteen Lagoons road beyond the boundary of Hydro Tasmania's responsibility?
Inland Fisheries have had to fund temporary road maintenance in the vicinity of Lake Botsford this season - Does this mean that angler dollars are going to have to be put towards road maintenance in the future?
What is the position with the public/tourist information centre which was managed by the Liawenee Ranger?
If a member of the public/shack owner etc has a plateau management issue, who do they contact and has this been communicated?
Has any consideration been given towards establishing a centralised management information system so CP users can access information?
The small camping/toilet area at Little Pine Lagoon has fallen into disrepair - Does this mean that PWS are abandoning this area as has been the case with other camping facilities at Pump House Bay and Jonah Bay at Arthurs Lake?
I am sure that there will be other aspects which I have not listed but this should at least get some discussion going so we can consider at the AAT Feb. meeting.  I think our plan should be to formalise a list of questions to be formally put to the PWS Minister for answers.

Comment and concerns? Please email Anglers Alliance Tasmania; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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