Outback Troutin'

A late spur of the moment decision found me out West yesterday for a spot of dry fly action.
I decided to join the boys for a wander into a lake I haven't fished in years for a look. As it had been years since I had fished it I was very eager to get in there. The plan was to meet the others at Liawenee at around 5am as they were heading up from Hobart. I couldn't sleep Friday night so I headed up around 11pm and thought I'd get a coupla hours kip in the bus before they arrived. This never happened as I found myself just driving around the highlands to see how much wildlife I could spot under the moonlit sky!

Anyway the boys arrived on time and we were soon at our destination just after dawn. On arrival we came across a couple of buggers up to no good in there, but I won't waste your time going on about it on here! Two of us went one way and the other two in the opposite direction. It wasn't long and we spotted our first tail which was the size of a shovel! We both had a crack, but couldn't tempt it as it only showed itself twice!
Later in the day as the cloud started to burn off a little two of us decided to take a wander further over the hill for a look which was worth the stroll. In short, we both landed one each between 2.5 & 3.5lbs polaroiding. I missed one on an early over eager strike and popped a really nice fish off when it cut loose on top after the strike. Seen a few others and had one come up to the dry to only spook as he seen us on the way up. My companion also dropped a couple and popped one off I think. All fish took interest in a Black Parachute Spinner.
It was magic getting back out there doing something I once done a lot of every Summer, but hadn't the past few from Bream fishing taking up all my time- think I'll be doing something about that. Only a couple landed, but just being out there makes the walk worth it and the fish really are just a bonus.


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