Little Gem

My first effective fishing trip since I ventured to Tassie for the opening season in August , saw me head off to explore a recently discovered little gem  out in the  Victorian goldfields. I discovered this little reservoir on a recent weekend away. I had heard of it but had never seen it let alone fished it. It is a little expanse of water worthy of inclusion amongst many of my favourite Tassie waters.. With its undulating country side vista and its relatively clear waters, the prospects seem good based on the visuals. I went up on the Saturday afternoon for hope of catching and evening rise. Alas there was no surface movement and after speaking to a regular that was just coming of the water, there was not much action under the water either.

Nevertheless after probing for the best prospective spots I took up position in a recommended part of the reservoir. Armed with a dun as an indicator and a black gold beaded nymph underneath, I explored blindly for about 1/2 before I was rewarded with a take a subsequent landing of a very nice brown around 1.5 -2 lbs.. Not much after that and dark was encroaching. Off to the caravan for some dinner then an early night intention for an early start. Well that didn't quite go to plan because an ex local (and his dog)  that was traveling back from Darwin to see some family, engaged me in some conversation over a couple of wines in the camp kitchen of the caravan park. 11.30 or so and I finally made it to bed. Still up early (but a bit blearier than I would have hoped) and off to Newlyns reservoir again.

There was only one other angler on the water, which was surprising since the day was forecast for warm and sunny.
He was fishless but had missed a few opportunities (apparently!)   I entered the water with the same setup as the previous evening and about 50 metres away from my fishless counterpart. Within a couple of minutes I was in a tussle with a brown of about the same size as my other. Quite a fiery little brown that leapt more like a rainbow . With 3 or 4 burst through the surface (once for about a metre) he finally won the battle and ditched my size 16 nymph on a final jump. Not disheartened, I persisted and within another couple of minutes was at it again with (I presume) a different brown of similar proportions. A similar scenario ensued and with my hand poised to grab my net, a final burst through the water and the same result of  a loss. That rush of excitement was about all there was to the day and I left with only one fish for the trip.
My eagerness to play the fish probably played the biggest part in missing the fish whereas if I had allowed them more line which may have prevented them jumping I may have had a better score. Otherwise it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and at a water that I am sure will become a favourite. In fact I may head up there again on up Cup Day while everyone else is preoccupied with a horse race!! On all occasions the little black beaded nymph seemed to be the worthwhile choice of fly.
Happy fishing!
Kevin Wilkinson
President (Victorian Chapter)

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