Pioneer Lake 12/8/2012

On the 12th of the August my dad said lets go fishing so I said, "Do you want to try a new spot ", so off we went. When we got there we decided who was getting which spot. I ended up getting the spot on the bank between 2 banks of reeds and dad has a jetty also between 2 reeds banks.

It started to rain lightly then after about an hour and a half it stopped and about half an hour latter I noticed my line on the running sinker rig started to go out so I waited 15 seconds then i struck. The line wasn't tight so I thought it wasn't on but I reeled it a bit more and it was. I called dad 3 times but we only heard me once. He came over as soon as he could but but the time he got their I had netted my first brown trout ever in a new spot and I ran up the bank. I wasn't sure if it was a brown trout or a salmon but after I sore a greeny ting on it's gill plate I realised it was a brown and I was as happy as I could be! My first ever brown trout which was my first fresh water I had ever nettet. It weighted 1.634kg  and was 56cm long.

Shawn Wellard

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