Always a river somewhere

Hi everyone, Trev abandoned me today, preferring to go to the pictures .
I thought this would give me a chance to ring a couple of mates and sneak to a river for a couple of hours.
After a couple of calls it dawned on me that no one loves me, so off  I went on my own.

I only fished for about an hour arriving at .
This spot was a new destination that I had been told about earlier in the day and it took some finding, but once uncovered, was well worth the search. After a short walk down stream, I started working my way back up, fishing the fast water, my 3rd cast landed a small brownie.

He was quickly photographed and released.
A quick cast in anticipation for the next one and with this “very next cast” he arrived, another smallish but nice brown. I caught one other on in this run, before deciding to walk up to the next piece of fast water.
First cast and it was on again.
Darkness was on the way and dinner was on the table, along with a 4 am start for work the next morning, so with that in mind, I made the decision that this little session was over,... but I will return soon!
Landed 6 fish for the trip.







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