Lake Selina, Lake Plimsol and Reece Dam 17 September

Had the pleasure of spending the day fishing with Dale and Trev Howard and my son Bailey.
We headed off at 6.30am and arriving at Lake Selina at 10am,what a beautiful little lake,fairly shallow around the northern and western side, but deeper on the eastern shore which is better suited to casting softies from the shore.

We fished here for around an hour and then we headed over to Lake Plimsoll for a couple of hours and what a spectacular lake this is, we managed to catch a few nice brookies at these lakes,they were fat as footballs and very red fleshed, should make great eating,fish had been feeding on galaxias with fish caught on Yep red rascals.
We then had some lunch and headed off to fish the outflow at the Reece Dam, arriving to the pouring rain which did not let up.
Fished here for a couple of hours and managed half a dozen resident browns around the 1lb mark, we were hoping for some big sea runners which come up to feed on elvers and whitebait when the water is flowing out of Lake Pieman,...maybe next time.
The fish here were caught on softies using big jig heads to keep them down in the fast running water,thanks for a great day Dale (the unit) and I owe you one for doing all the driving.

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