Lake's Flora and O’Dell’s

Myself and good friend Aaron and his father Dean spent Sunday walking the shores of Lake's Flora and O’Dell’s, a beautiful walk in and around the lake's makes for a great day out

but only carry what you need as to cover both lake's you can expect to walk around 20km's. As for the fishing, we walked into a hot bite at O’Dell’s; within one minute Dean and I were into a double hook up.

I continued around the Southern shore and Aaron and Dean fished their way around the Northern Shore, I pulled in another and lost 2 more and Aaron also caught 2, ....5 fish in an hour and a half, things were looking good!!.
I caught mine on a 10mm squidgy blood worm and Aaron and Dean were on the good old green and gold’s, they ranged from 2.5 to a little over 3 pounds, it was now 10:30 and I was waiting keenly for a Dun hatch but sadly it didn't happen (not enough cloud cover), then like someone hit a switch, the fish just shut down.
We wandered over to Flora to see if it was any different but sadly it wasn't, fished hard there right around the lake for around 3 hours, only to have 1 hit and miss so we called stumps and headed back to fish the shore's of O’Dell’s (on our way back to the track), a great way to spend the day and a beautiful piece of country.
By Leigh Carpenter


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